Friday, January 13, 2017

Defense Against Foreign Danger; Instruments of Tyranny at Home

Consider the way tools of national (in)security policy initially deployed abroad inevitably find their way home: bulk surveillance, black sites, torture, police militarization.

Now consider that one of the CIA’s long-practiced core competencies is undermining regimes it deems threatening or otherwise unfavorable.

James Madison said, The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home. Is it possible he was on to something?

Nah, thats crazy. Only Putin could ever interfere with the sanctity of American democracy.


  1. Perhaps I am missing the point here, but are you suggesting that the path that brought the GOP into complete control of our government was to use the tactics that the CIA has used against our adversaries? Disinformation, misdirection, divide and conquer? Something along that line?

  2. Not sure how you read that into from my post, which I guess might function to some degree as an inkblot test...?

  3. Are you saying the sun actually rises in the West? ;)

  4. Swaney, It seems the implication is that the CIA is using its own tricks against us? Instead of undermining a foreign leader they're undermining our own? For a similar end?

  5. Any chance there's a more in depth post along these lines in light of the leaks regarding Flynn and the Trump campaign's Russian contacts in the pipeline?

    I'm particularly interested in the underlying motives of the people making the leaks. Is it a genuine attempt to undermine a threatening regime, or is it their last resort after the administration and Congress proved they had zero interest in taking action while this info was being passed through the appropriate channels?

  6. Thanks Ryan, trying to make more time to blog because yes there's a ton more to say on this...