Wednesday, October 18, 2017

"Child Prostitute" Is A Horrible Lie

If you follow my political blogging, you know I believe nomenclature is critical (data collection vs bulk surveillance, targeted killings vs assassinations, surge vs escalation, EITs instead of torture, detainees vs prisoners, interventions vs war...and on and on).

This is Andrew Vachss on why "child prostitute" is a horrible, propagandistic lie. Read it--and if you see this kind of terminology online somewhere, forward Vachss's post for the writer's consideration. Most people don't adopt shitty terminology out of malice; they just absorb it thoughtlessly through osmosis, then parrot it until someone corrects them. That's what seems to happen to me, at any rate, and I'm grateful to Vachss for bringing this kind of thing to my attention.


Unknown said...

Thanks for this link.

I agree with you on the importance of nomenclature, which is why it is incredibly disturbing for me when I see things like this pointing out how a phrase can just slip past us until someone takes the time to point it out.

Don Bay said...

Bravo for supporting and publicizing Vachss' position on sloppy language and the tacit acceptance of such by too many of us. Words have meaning and can become memes. I've said so on my own blog. Let's watch our language.

Palladia said...

In the Washington Post this past Sunday (March 4, 2018) there is a piece by Steve Volk with the headline, "Texas Police have rescued 341 children after anti-trafficking training. They hope it goes nationwide." It's in the "Lifestyle" magazine, and is available online.

I know there are a lot of people who simply don't believe this trafficking happens.

the article is worth reading.