Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Governent's Dutiful Spokesperson: the New York Times

Read this New York Times piece accusing Iran of attacking US banks.  Can you identify anything about it that would be at all different if it were a press release posted on the White House's website?

Where did the information in the report come from?  Is there any critical analysis of the information's validity?  Who benefits from its dissemination -- does the Times even bother to ask?

Note the wonderful imagery, too.  "The attachers engineered networks of computers in data centers, transforming the online equivalent of a few yapping Chihuahuas into a pack of fire-breathing Godzillas."  I haven't read one that good since learning that rendered terrorist suspects have to be gagged and hooded to prevent them from chewing through airplane hydraulic cables.  Islamic terrorists... they're just that rabid!

The primary function of America's establishment media is to launder government propaganda into something the citizenry will believe is objective news.  The New York Times is a dutiful exemplar.