Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Low Dollar Border Fence

It's clear to me from listening to snippets of the Republican debates that the Bush administration is taking heat for America's broken borders. But I don't think the president is receiving adequate credit for what he's doing to combat illegal immigration. After all, won't a plummeting dollar discourage illegal immigration? If I were thinking about sneaking into America to earn dollars that I could send home to my family, at this point I might consider a country in the Euro zone, instead.

If the Bush administration can continue to drive down the value of the dollar, it's possible they won't just discourage new illegal immigration -- they might even encourage illegals who are already here to go somewhere else, where they could be paid in a sounder currency.

Of course I'm being slightly facetious and I'm no economist, but I imagine there must be some correlation between the strength of a country's currency and its attractiveness to immigrants, legal and illegal, who hope to send money to family back home. If anyone knows more about this correlation and could send me a link or two, I'd be grateful.


Anonymous said...

Barry, Barry, Barry. slightly facetious????? Once upon a time, I read the following on someone's website: In the first category, we have the hedge words: like, you know, sort of, kind of, and basically...If you talk this way, it sounds as though you're afraid to take a position, doubtful about the point you're trying to make, or otherwise unsure of yourself.

Hmmm. If I could only remember where I read that, I'd send you the link... ;)


Janet said...

I can't help you with the substance of this post, but I do question the plural of border. Last I saw, Canadians are not streaming across the 49th parallel, hoping for a better life in the US. The only people who think that way are Southern Senators and Congressmen trying to score cheap political points with an electorate too far removed from the reality to question the reasoning.

The two borders have entirely different dynamics at play.

Django Bango said...

I think we should address the issue of why we really care about illegal immigration anyway. It's only used to stir the masses who need a "them" to go against their "us".

Down with Passports! Seriously.

Anonymous said...

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