Monday, October 27, 2008

Rightwing Surrender Monkeys

God, how much cognitive dissonance can the right bear? Last week, al Qaeda endorsed John McCain, and now... now... the Bush administration is waving a white flag of surrender and appeasing the Taliban! Say it ain't so, George...

Today's Wall Street Journal reports that the Bush administration, with General Petraeus's support, plans to talk to elements of the Taliban, the group, you'll remember, that used to shelter al Qaeda. But I'm confused... isn't talking to your enemies appeasement and waving a white flag of surrender and all that?

Repeat after me:

When terrorists endorse Obama, it means they want Obama to win. When terrorists endorse McCain, it means they want Obama to win.

When Obama proposes incursions into Pakistan in pursuit of al Qaeda, it's naive and dangerous. When the Bush administration actually carries out such a policy, it's sending a tough message.

When Democrats propose talking to our enemies, it's waving a white flag of surrender and appeasement. When Republicans talk to our enemies, it's tactical.

Got that?

When a political movement is at home in the face of such massive hypocrisy, it has lost touch not just touch with its principles, but with reality, as well.

Define irony: the party of small government presides over a half-trillion dollar deficit and a ten trillion dollar national debt. For this state of affairs the party of personal responsibility blames everyone but itself. And the selfsame party's hacks then write books with titles like "Liberalism is a Mental Disease."

If I put these characters in a novel, no one would believe they were real.


Randy Johnson said...

I've discussed this stuff with friends and always said, "The GOP views it as anything goes as long as there is an R after your name. For everybody else, it's do as I say, not as I do."
I've been a registered Republican for forty years. That will soon change and, since I've already voted early for Obama/Biden, I guess I could change my status anytime I feel like doing it.

TDK said...

Not much to say, but that I agree. If it weren't already all over the news,... people wouldn't even accept it as bad fiction. It'd be worse than "It was dark and stormy night..."

Linda C. McCabe said...

Mmmmm, surrender monkeys.

I like the sound of that.

The GOP has become the party of Caribou Barbie and surrender monkeys.

It has a certain ring to it.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty ridiculous.

Isn't it a good thing, though? I mean, Bush does receive a lot of criticism for being bullheaded and just doing what he believes and not listening to anyone else. I just feel that sometimes Bush haters will never be happy with what he does, even if he does what they want him to do.

Tia Hu said...

Barry said: "If I put these characters in a novel, no one would believe they were real."

Precisely! Because it all seems so unreal or surreal; I just wish I could get over a paranoid feeling that we are experiencing a deliberately choreographed nightmare toward the dissolution of the U.S. as a sane and responsible Democratic Republic.

This is the kind of bizarre life fodder which comedians and conspiracy theorists drool over.

I got my ballot mailed in with my votes for Obama and Biden, and voted for my choices on everything else as well. Now, if it will just actually get counted...?

For those of us who actually are seeing the contradictions, instead of denying them; yes the awareness of this cognitive dissonance is reaching stress levels I know I've never seen in my own lifetime of 56 years.

And I don't even know whether to feel a sense of anticipation or dread for what may occur after the election is over.

"No amount of arms and armies can help stabilize those governments which are unable or unwilling to achieve social and economic reform and development. Military pacts cannot help nations whose social injustice and economic chaos invite insurgency and penetration and subversion." -- President John F. Kennedy

I know the sun will rise in the morning. And I hope a better perspective and integrity will rise in our country again too...sooner, rather than later.


~Tia Hu

Dougist said...

>If I put these characters in a novel, no one would believe they were real.

If you hadn't said that I was going to! I'd never get that past my readers...


Anonymous said...

How dare they steal the Left's mantra of Surrender At All Costs!!