Saturday, March 10, 2012

Scott Turow, Servant of Establishment Publishing

Scott Turow is the president of the Authors Guild, yet his real concern seems to be protecting legacy publishers at the expense of the authors whose interests he claims to represent. Today Joe Konrath and I fisked Turow's defense of legacy publishing price collusion, currently the subject of a Justice Department investigation. We weren't gentle, but when someone pisses down your back and tells you it's raining, you have to call 'em on it. Here's your link.


Crystal said...

I read your response [and Joe Konrath's] to the Scott Turow interview. The question I have is: Why do you think Turow is sticking up for traditional publishers over authors?

He's not a stupid man. He must know the Amazon genie is out the bottle. There is no going back to "the way it was".

He sells millions of books via traditional publishing. So, what more can traditional publishers do for/give him?

He's a well-known author with a huge readership. He'll be fine with or without a thriving traditional publishing industry.

I just don't get it. [Shaking my head]

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

So you reported on the matter. Now is there anything you plan on doing about it as followup?

Barry Eisler said...

What did you have in mind, Bonnie? And what are you doing yourself?

Unknown said...

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