Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Khmer Kill

Hi all, I have some exciting news about the new Dox short story, The Khmer Kill.  The good people of Amazon's Thomas & Mercer imprint (publishers of my novel The Detachment) read TKK, loved it, and want to publish it.  Hence the slight delay in its appearance -- I had hoped to have it up earlier this week, but now there's a bit of paperwork that needs to be sorted out, so the story won't be available until a week from today -- Thursday, May 31.  But that's not too far off, and worth the wait because as T&M demonstrated with their marketing efforts for The Detachment, they can help my stories reach a far larger audience than I could reach on my own.

The Khmer Kill won't be available in paper because alas, there's no cost-effective way to distribute a short story in paper.  And although it will be a Kindle Store exclusive, it won't be DRM encumbered, so owners of Nooks and other non-Kindle digital readers, fear not -- you'll be able to read it on your device of choice.  More information on such matters here.

Thanks for your patience and I hope when you see Dox in action in Cambodia you'll agree it was worth the wait!


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YoMatta said...

Amazing! I've made it through almost all of your books this month and this is another carrot on a stick to make me complete the rest of them!

Right now Raine & Dox are wreaking havoc on the gangs of Japan in THE LAST ASSASSIN and I can't wait to see what the future holds in store for them!