Thursday, October 16, 2014

James Patterson: Publishing Revolution a "Religious War," Entertains "Ban" on Books

Joe Konrath and I respond to the latest Patterson crazy about the revolution in publishing...

"Well, James Patterson is at it again, issuing alarums from the sumptuous grounds of his bazillion-dollar mansion about how Amazon Must Be Stopped lest Jeff Bezos fulfill his evil plan to usher in The End of Days and yada yada yada. Joe’s been doing yeoman’s work for a long time in keeping up with these Pattersonian pontifications -- see here and here and here and here and here, so naturally I asked him to join me in tackling Patterson’s latest, a video interview with The Telegraph.

"In a weird way, this interview is probably Patterson’s most interesting outing to date because he actually goes full circle through the stupid and winds up demonstrating that he’s for everything he’s been saying he’s against..."

Read the rest on Joe's blog, here.


ryan field said...

I like Patterson's books. I hate to say anything negative about him. But he really doesn't seem to have a clue.

mmi said...

Not a huge fan of Patterson myself, but that isn't really important. What matters is that when I purchase a book through Amazon, I am given a list of other authors to check out. Often Patterson is on that list....but so are Barry Eisler, Jay Allan, Jonathan Brazee and Isaac Hooke. Somehow I don't believe I would have found these authors in a traditional book store. Yes some of my favorite authors are part of the tradional publishing industry, and I am willing to pay more money for their books...but I'm also enough of a reader that I will gladly take a chance on an unknown author whose books are less expensive. I have seldom been disappointed and now some of these authors are favorites of mine as well. Amazon provides an opportunity for readers and authors to find each other that just is not possible via the traditional publishing houses.