Thursday, October 15, 2015

Don't Know Who You Assassinated? Must Have Been a Bad Guy

The Intercept has a bombshell new report today on Obama's drone assassination policies. It's based on documents provided by a new whistleblower--not Edward Snowden. Courage really is contagious.

I was horrified to read that when the military kills someone but doesn't know who, it labels the body an "Enemy Killed in Action." Not a bad way of ensuring that drone strikes are kept "surgical," right? Even though it turns out that as many of 90% of these strikes kill unintended people.

Horrifying, but alas not surprising. The first excerpt is from my novella London Twist, published in 2013. The second is from The Intercept, published today.

I've said it before: the government does so much that's a boon to thriller writers but that's terrible for America. I wish my fiction could be more fictional, but I don't see the government letting that happen anytime soon.

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