Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Prohibition Propaganda

Yes, the 1950's level of fear-mongering and bullshit is part of what makes this Diane Feinstein op-ed such an embarrassment. But the real propaganda lies in what's missing: zero consideration of the costs of the status quo the senator prefers--AKA, prohibition.

When rational people evaluate policies, they intuitively know to weigh the costs and benefits of the available alternatives. When someone insists on discussing only the (arguable) costs of only one of the alternatives, that person has abandoned rationality--or is a deliberate propagandist.

Californians, ignore the fear-mongering and the bullshit and the unreason. Rebuke the dinosaurs. Vote YES on Proposition 64 on Nov. 8.


Don Bay said...

I'll drink to that! Vote YES on Prop 64.

Mirtika said...

I can't believe all these years later that pot is still an issue. I've never smoked, drunk, eaten, grown or anything with it, but it's a useful plant and the potheads I've known have been NOT violent or dangerous. If we can have booze legal and smoking tobacco, why the twisted knickers about pot. Just have the same laws bringing penalties for driving, using heavy machinery, etc, under the influence.

It's such a waste of tax money to keep going after marijuana, and it makes life harder for those who NEED it medicinally.

Greg said...

Barry - I find it interesting that the Libertarian Party's position is that, although the do support legalization, they recommend a no vote on Proposition 64 with this comment "While the Libertarian Party has been a strong supporter of ending marijuana prohibition for over 40 years, this proposition does more harm than good, damaging medical availability, and creating additional criminal offenses and regulations." Any thoughts on this position?

Barry Eisler said...

First I've heard this, Greg. How would legalizing marijuana for all uses restrict some uses? How would legalizing something that's currently illegal across the board create new criminal offenses?

If your quotes are legit, it sounds like the Libertarian Party needs to think about this a little more, or at least communicate its concerns more coherently.

Unknown said...


The quote is legit, at least per the link below.


Barry Eisler said...

Thanks. Still doesn't make sense to me, so will still vote for Prop 64.