Monday, January 30, 2017

Horseshoe Theory

Predictably, ISIS is cheering Trump's Muslim ban (actually, not just predictably. Predicted). Yes, I know, it's not really a Muslim ban. You don't have to convince me. Convince the people ISIS is recruiting with it.

It's not just that targeting refugees, immigrants, and green card holders based on their religion is capricious and cruel. It's that it's dangerous. Once again, the people wrapping themselves most ostentatiously in the flag of national security are the ones who create the most hazards--to the citizenry and to the republic.

When you're about to do the very thing your enemy most ardently hopes you'll do, it doesn't mean ipso facto your move is dumb. But it ought to give you pause, at least.


Unknown said...

Pause. For thought? That'll be the day.

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in6days said...

One has to protect ones country . There is good reason for the ban on certain countries. However Saudi Arabia perhaps ought to be included and are not which is inconsistent from Trump. However to state that ISIS are recruiting because of it not logical. They are recruiting against America and Europe anyway . They always will. They see Western values as corrupt,which one could say is correct ,but to kill people because they have those values is not moral. Let the Muslim come in legally and let the authorities surveil her/him as the case warrants it. Meanwhile ban those countries from where terror has arisen and continues to arise until one is satisfied that one has a handle on the necessary security arrangements required to keep Americans safe. I'm in Europe and certain places have been overrun by the immigration of jihadis. The authorities in France for instance are only getting to grips with the problem. It wouldn't have arisen if they had sorted the immigration policy 3 years back. You're CIA and you have influence in this area. I read some of your books,very good writing ,even prophetic although a bit risqué for me . Use your influence for good .Thank you for allowing me to speak.