Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chiron Self-Defense Training

A few pics from a useful and fun evening with Rory Miller of Chiron Training at Soja Martial Arts in Oakland.  If you're interested in reality-based self defense and you have a chance to train with Rory, I highly recommend the experience.  His books are also excellent.

I know he's going to hit me... but how?

Showing how to fight through encirclement

Teaching "Dracula's Cape" -- a defensive elbow

That's a Tony Blauer High Gear suit at left -- awesome equipment


Trying out a Tony Blauer spear

Staircase brawl


Bebe T. said...

Thanks, Barry. My son has been interested in No Nonsense Self-Defence since I first read a reference to it in one of your novels, so I think he'd be very interested in a class like this. Do you know of anything like it in NYC?

Barry Eisler said...

Hi Bebe, I know Marc, Rory, and Tony Blauer all travel, so check their websites and see if there are any nearby seminars. Well worth it.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Please tell me, nowadays everybody is learning self defense and other martial art tricks, including the thieves and chain snatchers. How can I protect myself from another martial artist who attacks me?

Arnold Brame
Health And Safety Consultant Norfolk

Barry Eisler said...

Arnold, there are no guarantees in self-defense (or in anything else). Instead, it's about improving your odds overall. Driving carefully and wearing a seatbelt doesn't guarantee you'll never die in an accident (what if I get hit head-on by an explosives-laden 18-wheeler?) -- but it improves your odds. Check out -- lots more info there.

Barrington Tiger Academy said...

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